A Historical, Genealogical Memoir  

by Marietta Stevens Crichlow and Linda Crichlow White


James and Lucy Glover and children, about 1901.

4 generations:
L-R Bettie Glover Garland,
baby Edna Stevens,
Florence Garland Stevens,
Lucy Stewart Glover  ca 1917

General Robert E. Lee
(grey confederate uniform) and
General Ullysses S. Grant
(blue Union uniform)
signing the truce at Wilmer's home.
​ Our ancestors were there.

documentation of our ancestors as

slaves of wilmer mclean

Wilmer McLean's home at Appomattox Courthouse.  At least one family member has said that Lucy might be among those with the family on the porch !?

Page from Virginia Slave Births Index showing Betsy owned by Virginia and Wilmer McLean

Wilmer McLean. about 1865

b. 1814- d. 1882

   Marietta Crichlow's great-grandmother

Lucy Stewart Glover, ca 1917

Born Manassas Junction,
​Virginia ca. 1852

Died 1930, Boston, Massachusetts


who, what, why, when, where?

Appomattox Court House, Virginia is where the Civil War ended as General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate Army surrendered to Union  General Ullysses S. Grant  on April 9, 1865.

The actual surrender took place in the home of a local merchant, Wilmer McLean.

Why is this significant to our family?  Our family lore says that Marietta's great grandmother, Lucy Stewart Glover, was the daughter of Wilmer McLean.  We might never be able to prove this but we do have documentation that Lucy's mother Betsy and Lucy's brothers John, Henry and William were slaves of Wilmer McLean and his wife Virginia.   

Bettie Stewart
b. ca. 1832 in Prince William County, VA.
d. 1902 in Boston, MA
enslaved by Wilmer and 
​Virginia McLean

          (More about Bettie Stewart)

Click here to see a Glover family tree that cousin Carolyn Brown worked on in about 1992.  There are additional "trees" in  the bookBack There, Then.

1870 Census of Betsy, husband Henry and children...
​the same names that are listed above in the ​Virginia Slave Births Index.  

1860 U.S. Federal Census-Slave Schedule

This document shows ages and sex
of slaves owned by Wilmer McLean.
We have written in red the names
​of Betsy's children that probably match.

Marietta's sister 
Edna Stevens McIntyre
ca 2009.   Edna died March 2017 at age 99.