A Historical, Genealogical Memoir  

by Marietta Stevens Crichlow and Linda Crichlow White


1862 DC Compensated Emancipation Database for NGS proposal

This is a sampling of some of the information that is in the DCCEA Excel Database.

The full Excel file can be provided on request as an attachment.   5/30/22

Harry John 001.01 Butler Grace F 043.80 Harry John     Grace: about 58, black, strong, but complains of rheumatism; given as child by Martha Clagett, of Georgetown; Grace lived in his house until several years ago John Harry acquired mulatto woman Nancy, and her 5 children for $1 from Harriet Williams, of Georgetown, on May 1825; Henrietta Crusey's children were born in her hired house in John Harry's neighborhood, where they were always under his care and protection; all of the adults and children are "among the most respectful, moral of their class" 
Harry John 001.02 Butler Martha F 350.40 Harry John     Martha: about 34 (daughter of Grace), good size, black, and in good health
Harry John 001.03 Butler Eliza Ann F 481.80 Harry John     Eliza Ann: about 20 (daughter of Grace), black; in good health
Harry John 001.04 Coney Jane F 219.00 Harry John     Jane: about 37, black, of small stature, in good health; born in J. Harry's house of a slave woman
Harry John 001.05 Butler Walter M 306.60 Harry John     Walter: 16 (son of Grace), black, small sized; in good health
Harry John 001.06 Meredith Lydia F 131.40 Harry John     Lydia: about 43 (daughter of Nancy), mulatto, in good health
Harry John 001.07 Meredith Richard M 262.80 Harry John     Richard: (descendant of Lydia), about 25, about 5 ft. 7 in., dark mulatto; in good health
Harry John 001.08 Meredith John M 569.40 Harry John     John: 23 (descendant of Lydia), dark mulatto
Harry John 001.09 Meredith Philip M 569.40 Harry John     Philip: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.10 Meredith Lizzie F 481.80 Harry John     Lizzie: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.11 Meredith Adeline F 438.00 Harry John     Adeline: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.12 Meredith Henry M 153.30 Harry John     Henry: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.13 Meredith Alfred M 219.00 Harry John     Alfred: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.14 Meredith Charles M 043.80 Harry John     Charles: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.15 Meredith Maria F 394.20 Harry John     Maria: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.16 Meredith Kate F 087.60 Harry John     Kate: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.17 Meredith Rogers M 043.80 Harry John     Rogers: (descendant of Lydia)
Harry John 001.18 Crusey Henrietta F 175.20 Harry John     Henrietta
Harry John 001.19 Crusey Eveline F 438.00 Harry John     Eveline: (daughter of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.20 Crusey William M 569.40 Harry John     William: (son of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.21 Crusey John M 657.00 Harry John     John: (son of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.22 Crusey Martha F 438.00 Harry John     Martha: (daughter of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.23 Crusey James M 350.40 Harry John     James: (son of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.24 Crusey Anna F 306.60 Harry John     Anna: (daughter of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.25 Crusey Lydia F 219.00 Harry John     Lydia: (daughter of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.26 Crusey Julius M 131.40 Harry John     Julius: (son of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.27 Crusey Frank M 087.60 Harry John     Frank: (son of Henrietta)
Harry John 001.28 Crusey Martha F 000.00 N/A N/A     Martha: (daughter of Henrietta); no value                                                                                           
Kibbey John 002.01 Lewis Mary F 306.60 Kibbey William     Mary: 40, unmarried, tolerably light, most invaluable; purchased her from George N. Lewis, of P.G. County, Md.  
Kibbey William 002.02 Brown Anne F 481.80 Kibbey William     Anne: 18, very light mulatto; unmarried; purchased from William Beckett, of Baltimore, Md.
Elliott William 003.00 McPherson Ginnie F 219.00 Elliott Seth     Ginnie: about 10, dark brown, healthy; cheerful; purchased in 1861 for $300 from Edward S. Plummer, of Md.; bill of sale gives Plummer right to reclaim her within 18 mos. for $300 plus interest  
Thomas Seth 004.00   Kitty F 109.50 Thomas William     Kitty: about 47, black, short, one foot is lame from a childhood burn; purchased from Isaac T. Elwood, for $300  
Morsell William 005.00 Dodson William M 547.50 Morsell Benjamin     William: 32, black, about 5 ft. 10 in. to 6 ft., 160 pounds; his mother belonged to Morsell  
Beall Benjamin 006.01 Robinson Barbara, or Barbery F 153.30 Beall Ann  E.     Barbara (Barbery): 56, dark brown, strong, short, stout, healthy, performs usual work; inherited Barbara from Rachel Turner, of P.G. County, Md.  
Beall Ann  E. 006.02 Robinson Robert M 284.70 Beall Ann  E.     Robert: 22 (son of Barbara),  5 ft. 10 in., dark brown, spare build; waiter in city hotels and boarding houses
Bates Ann  E. 007.00 Finnick Mary F 481.80 Bates John  E.     Mary: about 18, 5 ft. 1 in., dark, stout, healthy; purchased 7 yrs. ago from Alfred Richards, of Washington  
Young Noble 008.01 Lancaster Lucy F 219.00 Young Noble     Lucy: about 46, light brown, stout, healthy; excellent cook Noble Young acquired all from father's family; sale recorded In D.C. Liber J.A.S. No. 17, folio 163; all have high morals, character and work habits; men are perfect waiters; girls know nursing, washing and cooking
Young Noble 008.02 Lancaster Henry M 438.00 Young Noble     Henry: about 30 (son of Lucy), dark brown; robust, powerful
Young Noble 008.03 Lancaster Rachel F 438.00 Young Noble     Rachel: about 20 (daughter of Lucy), light brown, good size; active and healthy
Young Noble 008.04 Lancaster Nathan M 438.00 Young Noble     Nathan: about 24 (son of Lucy), dark brown, medium sized, able-bodied, healthy
Young Noble 008.05 Lancaster Henny F 525.60 Young Noble     Henny: about 18 (daughter of Lucy), light brown, of medium size; active, healthy
Young Noble 008.06 Lancaster Eliza F 372.30 Young Noble     Eliza: about 16 (daughter of  Lucy), light brown well-grown, tall for her age; active, healthy
Young Noble 008.07 Lancaster John M 306.60 Young Noble     John: about 12 (son of Lucy), light brown, well-grown; active, healthy
Bates Noble 009.00 Butler Adeline, or Adaline F 087.60 Bates Edgar  H.     Adeline (Adaline): 20, (born July 12, 1841), dark; intelligent, smart; inherited her in will of father, Edward Bates, of Fairfax County, Va.  
Melvin Edgar  H.  010.01 Taylor Sarah F 394.20 Melvin Josiah     Sarah: 30, thick set, black, healthy; acquired Sarah from marriage to Maria? Louisa Williams, of Prince William, Va.; son John was born since  
Melvin Josiah 010.02 Wallace John M 043.80 Melvin Josiah     John: 10 months (son of Sarah), well-built; very healthy and intelligent
Sword Josiah 011.00 Truxson Rachel F 262.80 Sword Alexander     Rachel: 35, copper; willed to wife, Mary E. Sword, by her father, Thomas Bean, about 1830, in Leonardtown, Md.  
Brown Ann 012.00 Stewart Cecelia  Caroline F 503.70 Brown Ann  J.     Cecelia Caroline: 19, dark, healthy; purchased Feb. 25, 1857, in Washington, D.C.  Ann Brown made her x mark on petition; witnessed by W. R. Woodward 
O'Brien Sarah J. 013.01 Bell Ellenora F 394.20 O'Brien Sarah  J.     Ellenora: about 25, about 5 ft. 4 in., dark, healthy; a good worker; inherited Ellenora from her mother, Susannah Armstead, of Washington   
O'Brien Sarah  J. 013.02 Bell Caroline F 043.80 O'Brien Sarah  J.     Caroline: 6 mos. (daughter of Ellenora), mulatto, in good health
Tucker James 014.00   Caroline F 197.10 Tucker James     Caroline: about 48 yrs. old, tall, has a dark, almost black complexion; healthy; good house servant; good moral character; purchased in 1831 from estate of John Adams in Orphans' Court, where details of the sale were recorded  ​​​