Website for some Garretts and others of LaBrenda Garrett Nelson's family of South Carolina.

Garrett-Nelson documents her family, genealogy adventures and publications here.

Taneya's Genealogy Blog

Taneya, a librarian and webmaster by profession, writes about genetic genealogy, her family and much more!  Taneya is an expert on genealogy and technology.

Blog Talk Radio with Bernice Bennett

Want to hear and learn about the latest books and learn the best sources and services for researching your family?  Then you need to visit Blog Talk Radio!

Genie B Roots

This is another website of Bernice Bennett's.

Reclaiming Kin, Taking Back What was Once Lost

A wonderful blog run by Columbia, MD genealogist Robyn Smith.

Cyndi's List

Cyndi's list has long been considered THE best for links to online genealogy resources.

Graham Slave Records

This site, authored by my genealogist cousin Konnetta Simons Alexander, documents some of 

her maternal slave ancestors.  Konnetta is a cousin on the Warnick/Simons side of the family via my paternal grandmother Lillian Warnick Crichlow.  Lillian and Konnetta's paternal grandmother Emily Naomi Warnick Simons were sisters.

Henry Louis Gates on Genealogy as History

This page, a posting on Treelines, discusses historian Henry Louis Gates' view that family history provides the pieces for the historians works.   Treelines is a blog written by Tammy Hepps, a popular genealogy speaker who I met at the National Genealogical Society Family Conference in Richmond, VA in May 2014.   Treelines is also a site where you can record your family story.

more to come!!!

Some really good Genealogy resources

A Historical, Genealogical Memoir  

by Marietta Stevens Crichlow and Linda Crichlow White